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Start Time Description/Title Presenter Affiliation Location
7:15 Breakfast Physics Library, Jefferson 4th floor
8:00 Opening Remarks Joanna Aizenberg Harvard University Jefferson 250
8:30 Design and Use of Surface-Tethered (Bio)Macromolecular Nanostructures for Nanomechanical Sensing and Novel Detection and Amplification Platforms Stefan Zauscher Duke University Jefferson 250
9:15 The early stages of biomimetic calcium phosphate formation, amorphous phases and prenucleation complexes Nico Sommerdijk Eindhoven University Jefferson 250
10:00 Can rigid, nanostructured, inorganic and organic bio-derived templates with intricate 3-D morphologies and hierarchical pore structures be chemically tailored for man-made applications in catalysis, optics, and energy harvesting? Kenneth Sandhage Georgia Tech Jefferson 250
10:45 Break Physics Library, Jefferson 4th floor
11:00 Polymer brushes: Patternable structures as interfaces with the biological environment Chris Ober Cornell University Jefferson 250
11:45 Bio-Inspired Approaches to Crystals with Composite Structures Fiona Meldrum University of Leeds Jefferson 250
12:30 Lunch Physics Library, Jefferson 4th floor
13:15 “Seeing by flow”: Courtesy of crickets and MEMS Gijs Krijnen University of Twente Jefferson 250
14:00 Soft robotics approach to morpho-functional machines Fumiya Iida ETH Zürich Jefferson 250
14:45 Fibrous Proteins for Biomaterials and Tissue Systems David Kaplan Tufts University Jefferson 250
15:30 Break Physics Library, Jefferson 4th floor
15:45 Biologically-inspired attachment devices: what can we learn from evolution Stanislav Gorb University of Kiel, Germany Jefferson 250
16:30 Biofabrication Using the Tobacco Mosaic Virus for Next-generation Micro/Nano Devices and Systems Reza Ghodssi University of Maryland Jefferson 250
17:15 Bioinspired mesotextured surfaces – a strategy for tunable adhesion Eduard Arzt  Saarland University Jefferson 250
18:00 Poster Exhibition LISE Ground Floor